Rock These Jewelry Colors with Your Navy Blue Dresses

Navy blue, the classiest and timeless color ever. A navy blue dress whether short or long suits every body type. Accessorize it with funky jewelry, shoes or other fashion accessories that fits your lifestyle, to add an eye-catching sparkle to this elegant hue. All you need is to decide what color jewelry goes with navy blue. Here are some best colors to make it an easy choice for you.

1. Gold Gold is the most traditional color that goes great with navy blue. Get a light up look with the glitzy gold. Whether its gold brooch, delicate gold headpieces, earrings, bracelets, rings, gold guarantees a stand out style. Even a simple gold beaded belt or with cutout details around your waistline gives a chic appeal. Choose it according to the event, simple jewelry for formal events, for weddings experiment with more.

2. Silver Silver is yet another accent that is traditional as well as contemporary. Silver pieces of jewelry on navy blue are perfect, especially for the events in the evening. Delicate jewelry constructed with solid silver with real gemstones is enough to get a bold style. A statement necklace, radiant and shiny earrings, brooches or headpieces, just dare to dazzle with some of them.

3. Turquoise Bridesmaids often wonder: what color jewelry goes with navy blue? Dress to impress with the fresh turquoise jewelry and other fashion accessories. Turquoise jewelry is most suitable for daytime events especially a party on the beach or a beach wedding. Turquoise necklaces, turquoise vintage-style rings, cuff bracelets with ancient turquoise stones are just a few examples of this timeless treasure.

4. Yellow The decent and somber navy blue dress can be accessorized with some highlighting shade of yellow. Yellow neckpieces, delicate headpieces, bracelets, simple or stud earrings look funky over a navy blue gown. Using yellow solely or combination of yellow and navy blue, both are great options to go with. Accents like white are also quite trendy with this combo.

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